Genesis node GALAXY+GALAXY+ chain trading platform

With technology as the core, it has rapidly grown into a brand-new engine in the age of Huahuo and digital intelligence, and is committed to providing GALAXY+ users with more secure, efficient and trustworthy chain transaction services.

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ASTRAL ECOLOGYAstral ecology

Gathering top technical teams, developing mining pools, guaranteeing the income of miners with fair algorithm mechanisms written into the underlying protocol, escorting transactions with strong technical strength, and striving to provide users with safer, more efficient and trustworthy chain transaction services.

MULTIDIMENSIONAL FUNCTIONMulti-dimensional function
GALAXY+ WalletProvide a full range of private key security protection, bid farewell to complicated backup, a set of mnemonic words can realize multi-chain transactions.
Holding incomeWallet users hold on-chain currencies and obtain income while performing asset management.
Financial derivativesProvide investors, institutions and enterprises with a wealth of financial derivative products.
Precision promotionThe user can share the promotion revenue mechanism for precise drainage.
Digital circulation24H token exchange service, smart contract matching transactions, investors can also arbitrarily circulate and pay at GALAXY+ cooperative merchants while conducting asset management.
Strategic tradingDevelop investment strategies based on market conditions. Users set investment plans according to the strategy. Automatic stop loss or stop profit can greatly reduce user investment risks.
Asset custodyUser assets are hosted by smart contracts and controlled by users. Users can choose whether to manage the currency value of digital assets. The exchange does not touch user assets.
Vote for listingUsers can choose the currency by themselves and decide the final currency on the chain by voting.
On-chain transactionsTechnology blessing
24HReal-time market
Easy transactionSpeed ​​of light
Account assetsOne key operation
Multiple protectionSmart security
GALAXY+ communities2000

Self-built super node communities or recruited more than 2000 high-quality community resources from around the world.

Super trading day volume1 billion

Relying on Huahuo and the powerful global technology community alliance, the number of users has exceeded 10 million. For example, the daily transaction volume of a single user is 1W, The total daily transaction volume of the platform easily exceeds 1 billion.

Multi-currency drainage100+

On the basis of Huahuo's existing currency, it will continue to absorb more new coins and continue to expand new users. It is estimated that 100 coins will be listed within the year.

Super Planet PoolGravity mining......

Continuing the mining mechanism of the HDU underlying, quickly absorbing nodes, creating a veritable super node...